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Ajax submit button yii2

Some validations can only be done on the server-side, because only the server has the necessary information. For example, to validate if a username is unique or not, it is necessary to check the user table on the server-side.

You can use AJAX-based validation in this case. It will trigger an AJAX request in the background to validate the input while keeping the same user experience as the regular client-side validation. To enable AJAX validation for a single input field, configure the enableAjaxValidation property of that field to be true and specify a unique form id :. Note: When the enableAjaxValidation property is configured at both the input field level and the form level, the former will take precedence.

Submit Form Without Page Refresh Using Ajax, How To Send Form Data Using Ajax

You also need to prepare the server so that it can handle the AJAX validation requests. This can be achieved by a code snippet like the following in the controller actions:. The above code will check whether the current request is an AJAX. If yes, it will respond to this request by running the validation and returning the errors in JSON format.

ajax submit button yii2

However, the AJAX validation feature described here is more systematic and requires less coding effort. When both enableClientValidation and enableAjaxValidation are set to trueAJAX validation request will be triggered only after the successful client validation. Note that in case of validating a single field that happens if either validateOnChangevalidateOnBlur or validateOnType is set to trueAJAX request will be sent when the field in question alone successfully passes client validation.

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Share on Facebook Share. Share on Twitter Tweet. Share on Pinterest Share. Share on LinkedIn Share. Prakash S I would like to introduce myself as a Software professional opting for the career in software industry. Yii2 — Custom ActionColumn.It works by sending a special request to the server every time a link is clicked or a form is submitted.

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You can further configure the widget. You can download the source code of the examples from this tutorial from GitHub. We have some data on our page that we want to refresh by clicking a link. First lets tell the view which part of the page we want to update dynamically. Every link and every form between these tags will now trigger a pjax request. This code will trigger a click event for our refresh button every three seconds.

In this example we will have several links pointing to different controller actions that will return different results. You can use the widget in several places on one page. When a link inside of one of these blocks will be clicked it only that block will be updated.

Here is the corresponding action. To fix this we can add two more actions and two additional child views, each for the corresponding function string generation and key generation. For this example we will be hashing strings so it will take time for the server to respond. Our view will include the Pjax widget, a form, a text input field and a submit button.

Sometimes you will want to disable pushState manually. In this example part of the view will be updated, but the URL will stay the same. The view will only have two links and the vote count. To make this simple we will just store the number of votes in the session. Voting systems are beyond the scope of this tutorial. The controller will feature three actions. One will simply render the view. The other two actions will process the upvote and downvote pjax requests.

No modifications for the controller are necessary.Update existing php action to use Ajax for speed. See more: created template developers use website redesign projectupdate existing sitedynamic update java script ajaxyii2 ajax tutorialyii2 popup window for formsyii ajax call controller actionyii2 renderajax exampleyii2 ajax submit buttonyii2 ajax form submit exampleyii2 ajax buttonyii2 ajax crudvba project update remaining workupdate php ajaxajax sample project using vbnetupdate form data database php ajaxupdate existing website cssrails update existing rails projectupdate sql php ajaxupdate existing rails projectmodify existing php project.

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ajax submit button yii2

Best Regards. Hello, I am a developer with expertise on YII, ajax and I am readily available to convert the required action to ajax call. How are you? I have 8 years of experience in Wordpress,Shopify, Laravel, Magneto,etc.

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This is the powerful AjaxSubmitButton widget that renders an ajax button which is very similar to ajaxSubmitButton from Yii1 for Yii 2, but has many useful functions. As you can see it's quite easy to use the widget with ActiveForm - enough to set the ActiveForm's id to the 'useWithActiveForm' variable.

In this case id is 'add-form', without ' ' symbol! As I said before the widget can be used with ActiveForm and client validation enabled. If you wish to disable it, just set ActiveForm's 'enableClientValidation' to false. The preferred way to install this extension is through composer. Skip to content. Dismiss Join GitHub today GitHub is home to over 40 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together. Sign up. Old good ajax submit button from Yii 1 for Yii 2.

PHP Branch: master. Find file. Sign in Sign up. Go back. Launching Xcode If nothing happens, download Xcode and try again. Latest commit Fetching latest commit…. Basic Example Example of usage of the widget with a custom widget in this case Select2 widget. You signed in with another tab or window. Reload to refresh your session. You signed out in another tab or window. Jun 13, There are a few issues with the other solutions I originally used that I found from other wikis.

I address the issues I had in this much simpler and shorter way. I am also going to explain what is going into way more detail than others to help people understand what's going on. This will allow you to create, update, or load ANY page in your project using the same modal so you aren't creating a lot of modals in all of your pages; just in the layout main.

This will also let you open a modal and reload the modal with other content without being closed and reopened. You could technically use this to load any div not just a modal.

The only difference is the js load div classes and you could make a whole site load via ajax. I will show you at the end of this how to load anything via ajax.

Modify action to use AJAX in Yii2 project

First we will create the JS you can either add it to your main layout as script tags or add it to your App Assets. To add it to App Assets you will create a file in your web directory ie. If you want to include your script inline the skip two code blocks. To include the script without using app assets you can do the following however, it is not recommenced. It is a little bit different and would be placed inline with your other js files at the end of your layout main.

Add the bootstrap modal to your layouts main. I put it at the very end after all of my scripts. The only difference is that renderajax will only load the page content and render will load the page content and the layout i. If you want be able to view a page with either ajax or direct URL going to yoursite. Next you need to tell each and every form to still use inline validation.

Things you must do here! Things you must have on the button is one class showModalButton because that is what we told our JS function in the begining of this wiki to look out for. Title tag because we told the JS to use the title tag for the modal title. Don't use href because we told our JS to look for attribute 'value' and use it to load the content so you must use the 'value' attribute.

If you have a create page in a modal you can also put another modal button in that modal and it will reload the modal. Also, if its not working use firebug and inspect the console errors. This won't effect anything that's not being used via ajax. That's it If you are using a form you must set your controllers to validate via ajax and forms like i showed in the bootstrap modal portion. I'll write one of these using pjax instead of ajax. When I try do this the modal is show but not load the content and the page refresh with link target.

It will load the js for the form because Yii registers it when the form is called. If you register you assets in the page it will include them in the form i. If your client validation doesn't work that means you don't have something configured properly.Social Icons. Pages Home Php. Next we need to create an action for setting our record status:.

Now we are ready to create our custom button. If you look at a standard Yii generated cGridview, toward the bottom you will see the following:. Important things to note above:. Anonymous August 26, at PM. Anonymous October 28, at AM.

Anonymous January 10, at AM. Newer Post Older Post Home. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom. Total Pageviews. Popular Posts gridview view in modal popup Yii. To begin we add it in our controller rul Now i want to search in Cgridview. Ajax SubmitButton Yii. Ajax button with confirm and before send texts. Cgridview auto refresh Yii. My database is constantly changing because creating the new tickets from incoming mails. Rules and validation in Yii Model. This tutorial will help you to understand the yii model rules, user defined functions.

In yii rules function I added code of yiiframework Name of current module controller or action from Yii view. Useful in situations where you want to build a navigation user interface element etc. This is all you need to know About Me Nisanth Thulasi software developer View my complete profile.

Powered by Blogger. Facebook Nisanth Thulasi Create your badge. Contact us. Sample text. Sample Text Nisanth Thulasi Create your badge.You can try a simple demo here: DEMO. In the above example you will get an alert on the javascript ajax callback function which will be a server response from the controller action. You can customise this code as per your needs. Hi, is bonnie again I need to use this in my yii app. Can you show example of submitting data to the login controller then redirect the user to profile or any page.

Though, I did find this tidbit in CActiveForm. In your CActiveForm options, set the clientOptions array to the following:. Yii Framework Wiki.

Thanks -Sirin. Tags: AJAXajax form submitingform. Written by: sirin k. Last updated by: Maurizio Domba Cerin. User Contributed Notes 8. Nice one I have been struggling with this you just saved my time. Thanks bonnie Thanks bonnie. Hi bonnie hey bonnie. Thanks Will give it a try. Saving your data from form okay!

ajax submit button yii2

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